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To Get the best price for these Currencies Contact Your Nearest KAPNOX Location.
Argentina Peso ARS
Austria Schilling ATS
Bahamas Dollars BSD
Bangladesh Taka BDT
Barbados Dollar BBD
Belgium Francs BEF
Botswana Pula BWP
Brazil Real BRL
Brunei Dollar BRD
Cayman Islands Dollar KYD
Chile Peso CLP
China Yuan CNY
Croatia Kuna HRK
Cyprus Pound CYP
Czech Koruna CZK
Deutsche Mark DEM
Dominican Republic Peso DOP
Eastern Caribbean Dollar XCD
Egyptian Pound EGP
Estonia Kroon EEK
Fiji Dollar FJD
French Francs FRF
Greece Drachma GRC
Iceland Krona ISK
Indonesian Ruphiyaa IDR
Ireland Punt IEP
Israel Sheqel ILS
Italy Lire ITL
Jamaica Dollar JMD
Jordan Dinar JOD
Kenya Shillings KES
Korea Won KRW
Latvia Latu LVL
Lebanon Pound LBP
Malavi Kwacha MWK
Maldives Rufiyaa MVR
Mauritius Rupee MUR
Mexico Peso MXN
Morocco Dirham MAD
Nepal Rupee NPR
Pakistan Rupee PKR
Papua New Guinea Kina PGK
Philippines Piso PHP
Poland Zloty PLN
Portuguese Escudos PTE
Russia Ruble RUB
Scotish Pound SCP
Slovakia Koruna SKK
Slovenia Tolar SIT
Spain Pesetas ESP
Sri Lanka Rupee LKR
Syrian Pound SYP
Taiwan Yuan TWD
Tanzania Shilingi TZS
Trinidad & Tobago Dollar TTD
Tunisia Dollar TND
Turkey Lira TRL
Uganda Shilling UGX
Veitnam Dong VND

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